HP shutting down default FTP, Telnet access to network printers

Security professional believe the aging FTP and Telnet protocols insecure, and HP has determined to clamp down on access to networked printers via the remote-access tools.

A number of HP’s fresh business printers will, by default, be blocked to remote access by the use of protocols like FTP and Telnet. Though, customers can turn on remote printing access through those protocols if required.

“HP has started the procedure of shutting down older, less maintained interfaces together with ports, protocols and cipher suites” recognized by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology as not much of protected, the company said in a statement.

Additionally, HP also declared firmware updates to present business printers with the enhanced password and encryption settings, so hackers can’t simply crack into the devices.

It’s all part of HP’s rising program to make printers safe. As previous protocols like Telnet and FTP go out of trend, HP will create printers accessible using more protected and up to date techniques.

The majority of HP’s printers are reachable wirelessly, and HP has been adding authentication to provide the correct user’s access to printers.

Numerous sheets of security before now exist in network printers, which in most cases are protected by firewalls. However, a number of HP’s printer security plans haven’t left down well with users, like the company’s new firmware update that rejected third-party ink cartridges on some Office Jet printers. That created customer criticism and provoked HP to modify its posture, and it issued a new firmware that supported third-party ink.

The latest security information’s are a vital part of HP’s rising initiative to safeguard printing environments. A lot of companies are installing managed print services, which help combine printing hardware and decrease paper and ink costs. Managed print services attach into a company’s document workflow system to make certain only the correct people have access to and can print documents.

HP publicizes fresh features and services in its protected MPS program to protect hardware and protect documents. On the whole, it endeavors to keep hackers from breaching into printing environments and make sure documents are printed by allowed personnel only.

As part of safe MPS, HP will modify and put into practice security strategy for managed print services and make sure conformity requirements are met. Additionally, HP is offering fresh tools for reporting and remote management.

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