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How to fix it when HP printer would not print in color?


HP printers are available in wide range of variety to use for different purpose. For color printing, scanning, copying, and more options are available in the variety of HP printers. It may possible that HP printer starts to shows technical issues to print like it doesn’t print in color, print blur etc. To dissolve any kind of technical fault of HP printer you can reach to tech support team through HP printer tech support number which is open for 24 hours.

If your HP printer doesn’t print in color then follow the steps given here and fix it as soon as possible to continue printing.

  • Check the cartridge

Step 1.

Remove color printer cartridge by open the front cover of the printer.

Step 2.

Install new color cartridge and again try to print. It may be because of the faulty cartridge.

Step 3.

If the cartridge is full and it has no issue then check its expiration date? Maybe your color cartridge has been expired. Remove it and place a new cartridge in your HP printer.

  • Printheads

Step 1.

Clean the printer printheads because it may possible dust and small particles get accumulate over it. Text/image of computer paper applies through it as it passes under the ink cartridge.

Step 2.

Press “Powder” button and hold down. During it also press “resume” button six times.

Step 3.

Now you can remove your finger from the power button and within mild was HP printer will clean the printheads.

Step 4.

Check if printer starts to print in color or still it won’t work. If your printers don’t print in color again then follow next step.

Step 5.

Press “Power” button and hold it. Within holding power button press “Resume” button seven times for deep cleaning of printheads. If the problem is same forward to next. 

  • Turn on the option of color print

Step 1.

Start the computer and go to setting.

Step 2.

Select “printers” from setting menu and right click to open “properties.”

Step 3.

Select the printing preference and then tap on “Color”. Now exit.

 Still, the problem is same then try to reach out to tech support team of HP printer through HP printer technical support number. This number is 24/7 available.

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