Paper Jam Error in HP printer!!Dial HP Printer Technical Support Number+1-855-241-5405

Paper Jam Error in HP printer !!!

First check the basic

If the user’s printer isn’t printing, check the two-Ps and a C: paper, power and connection. Make sure the printer has paper, that it’s plugged in and that it’s connected, either by cable or wireless to your computer.

In the document that the user’s printer isn’t printing, they have to check the two-Ps and a C: paper, power, and connection. The users have to ensure it that the printer has paper, and that it’s connected to, either by cable or wireless to their computer. The users can have to assistance from HP Printer Technical Support Number   +1-855-241-5405 to resolve their all technical issues in HP printer.

Paper Jams in HP Printer

Paper jams irritating and they will happen once in a while, yet in the event that the user’s printer is jamming more regularly than it should be, there are a couple of basic ideas to diminish or resolve the issue.

The accompanying components can cause paper jam:

  • Their might be some foreign objects (such as paper clips, coins, or rubber bands) have fallen into the input tray of printer.
  • The users have to check it whether paper loaded correctly in the paper tray.
  • The users are required to see it whether paper rollers are clean, damaged or dirty.
  • The issues will occur if the torn, wrinkled, or damp paper will be loaded in the paper tray.
  • The users need to check it whether the access door (on the rear or underside of the printer) is closed securely or not.
  • Whenever the users start printing they need to find it whether the paper was added to a stack already in the tray while the printer was printing.
  • It might be possible that the tray may contains more than one type of paper.
  • Some invisible obstruction is blocking the paper path.
  • Before printing the users are required to check it that torn pieces of paper from a previous jam should not stuck in the product.
  • The tray should not be too full.

The users are required to check for above mentioned common jamming causes and then follow these steps, in order, to help reduce paper jams.

  • First the users have to turn the printer off and on again.
  • After that they have to ensure that the printer should rests on a flat surface
  • Now the users have to clear the jam from the printer
  • They have to clean the paper rollers.
  • After that they have to Reset the printer
  • And in the last Service the printer properly

We had seen some instruction related to issue ‘Paper Jam’ which the users can resolve by their own and need some assistance for the same. We have third party tech support team which will assist the users in resolving the issues. As above we described the solution for them to resolve the issue. If the users face any error while following the instruction they can call at any time to HP Printer Tech Support Number  +1-855-241-5405.

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