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Loaded Queue!!

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HP Printer Support Services: While printing, if there is a long queue, is pending for the print job in the printer it causes an error for the driver to which printout should be printed first. Although printers have itself a facility to clear that list automatically after the printout but due to some reason if the print is put on hold, postponed or stopped forcefully due to data connection lost or by the users itself. By these reasons, the list will be long and the printer will get confused to print and it will be counted as overloading in the Queue.

The reason might be anything whether long Queue or stuck print job can also logjam the user’s long queue which doesn’t allow the printer to send jobs to printouts. The users can’t delete manually most of the time. So the users are required to clear the queue and can start their printing job again. We are providing some instruction with steps and the users have to follow those steps one by one. If they face any error while following the steps they can reach out us on HP Printer Customer Service +1-855-241-5405


  • The users have to turn their printer off completely and have to unplug it from their power source.
  • The users have to ensure it that they have save document to print. When the users clear their queue, all print jobs that haven’t saved will be erased automatically and it will disappear as well.
  • Now users have to open Windows Services by searching “Services” in their search toolbar or by clicking on the Window button on their keyboard.
  • We are at midpoint of the solution where the user’s list of Services, they will see one called the “Print Spooler.” Now right click on the Print Spooler option and look at their options. “STOP” will halt any stuck print the users have bogging down in their queue.
  • Once they’ve halted all print jobs using the spooler, now they have to use the Windows Explorer browser to search for:
  • C:\Windows\System32\Spool\PRINTERS
  • Now it’s time to delete all existing files in their queue and shut down their computer from Windows.
  • After the previous step they have to turn on their printer using the power button, and then turn on their computer again.
  • Final step is here where they have to just take a Print their document. If it is working fine then they are done!

According to above mentioned description the users can resolve their error while printing due to long loaded queue. The users have to follow each and every step very carefully to resolve the issue on an instant basis. If in any case they face some error they can contact to HP Printer Support Phone Number +1-855-241-5405 to resolve their issues on a priority basis.


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