Faded Print in HP Printer!!Dial +1-855-241-5405 HP Printer Phone Number

Faded Print in HP Printer!

Whenever we go for the printouts, we can’t expect the bad quality of the prints or something like faded prints. It is really an annoying situation even more when we are in the middle of an important work. This error is genuine and can occur with anyone but no need to worry! We have a solution which we are providing over here. The users are required to follow the instructions as they are here with step by step. Even if they face any error while following them we one more option to resolve their issue through our tech support team which skilled and trained technicians to resolve this issue through HP Printer Phone Number +1-855-241-5405.

Solution one: the users have to use genuine HP cartridges

It’s recommended for the users to use genuine HP ink or toner supplies. The solution what we are providing is only for those who are using genuine HP cartridges, the steps in this document might not resolve the issue if the users are using refilled or non HP cartridge.

To check the genuineness or compatibility or purchase replacement cartridges and other supplies of the cartridge the users can visit HP official website.

  1. The users have to visit its official website.
  2. After that if the feel necessary, they have to select their country/region.
  3. After selecting the region they have to follow the on-screen instructions to order new supplies or check cartridge compatibility with their printer. 

Solution two: the users have to check the paper

Now in this method the users have to use the following guidelines to make it sure that the paper they are using is appropriate for the print job. If the paper is inserted proper or quality of paper is not good then reload the product with an appropriate paper type.

  • The users have to use HP printer compatible paper to take proper prints just because of papers, inks, and printers are designed to work together.
  • The users have to use the correct paper type for their project:
    • If they using for the daily routine work then plain paper with ColorLok technology will work well.
    • If the document needs dense printing, like high contrast graphics or photographs then they should prefer HP Advanced Photo Paper for the best results.
  • Load the paper print side down in the input tray. Many papers have printing and non printing sides.
  • Do not use wrinkled or curled paper. Load only clean, wrinkle-free paper into the product.
  • Store photo paper in its original packaging inside a re-salable plastic bag. Store the paper on a flat surface in a cool, dry place. Load photo paper only when you are ready to print, and then put the unused paper back in the packaging.
  • Try using a different paper. Paper that does not accept ink well is also prone to print defects. HP designs ink and paper to work together.
  • Some media may not absorb ink as well as others. If your prints smear easily, make sure you are using a recommended paper

As we have seen that the users can resolve their issues which we have mentioned above by just following the instructions. We have provided few methods step by step and if the users face any error while following the instructions they have one more option to resolve the issue and that is just contact to the tech support team which has experienced and skilled technicians who can assist the users through HP Printer Installation Support +1-855-241-5405 to resolve the issue.

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