How to Set Up a Network HP Printer on the MacBook Pro?

Although you can setup an HP printer in a normal manner, yet if you want to set it up in the network on the MacBook Pro then it will be lit bit difficult for you as the process is complex for it. Well, no need to worry as you can have the solution over here and you will be required to just follow the steps which are provided in the instruction. There is a possibility that you might face some error while following the steps but you have not to be panic as you have another option in the form of HP Printer Technical Support Number where you will be assisted by the qualified technicians who will rectify the problem of setting up the network HP printer on MacBook Pro.

Adding a Printer with Wi-Fi Capability


Turn on the HP printer and to connect the printer via Ethernet cable with your router use the LCD screen. If you are using Wi-Fi connection then enter the network password through touch keys of the printer.


Click & open the MacBook Pro, then click the Apple icon from the left corner of the screen. Choose the software update & wait for a while to find the printer updates. You can install any applicable software updates & then restart the computer.


Tap on the Apple icon and then System Preferences. Click to the icon of the “Print & Fax” then click on button “+” which is located on the left side of the windows. From the list of the printer, options select your printer.  If you don’t find the HP printer on the list then you can use section given below.

Temporary USB Network Setup


Plug in the printer & add new sheets. Take USB cable to connect to printer & MacBook Pro. Now turn the printer on.


Install the software to the printer according to the setup instructions. Now open the setup assistant application which you have installed with printer software. Follow the prompts to choose the Wi-Fi network. Enter the password for network connection.


If you don’t have assistance application then follow step 3. Click on the Apple icon & select “System Preferences.” Click on the icon of “Print & Fax.”


Tap to the icon “+” from the lower-left corner of the screen. Enter the “Add Printer” toolbar. To add the driver to the computer double click on the connected printer icon.


Click on the Apple icon in to run the software update for MacBook Pro. Now click on “Software Update.” Wait for a while till the gather the printer or driver updates. Install the updates on your hard drive and then disconnect the USB cable from MacBook Pro.

By following all the steps carefully, you will be able to setup network HP Printer on the MacBook Pro. You will be required to remember one thing and that is, you have to follow each and every step in a strict manner otherwise error might occur. If you face some error, then there is one more option for you, from where you can resolve the issue and that is HP Printer Customer Care Number where you can get the help of qualified technicians without any hassle with a perfect solution.

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