How to connect HP printer to Apple laptop?

How to connect HP printer to Apple laptop

HP printers are a customer’s favorite when it comes to printing and scanning documents and photos. With their innovative printing technology, it creates high definition prints which escalate the quality of the finished documents or photos. This is why more and more people gravitate towards HP printers for their windows or Mac Operating systems. But even though the performance of the printers remains the same in any kind of operating system, their connection to these type of computers vary slightly. Customers can always call HP Printer Customer Care if they have any doubts or questions and this support number can be accessed at any time of the day.

The connection of HP printers in an Apple laptop, like mentioned earlier, is a little different from that of a Windows OS since these two type of operating system are very different and their interface varies as well. So for those of you looking to connect your HP printer to your Apple laptop, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: first check for any HP printer updates that may be available by clicking on the ‘apple’ icon and going to ‘software update’.

Step 2: Turn on your HP printer

Step 3: Using the provided USB cable connect the printer to your laptop.

Step 4: Go to ‘system preference’ under the ‘apple’ icon on your laptop.

Step 5: Select the option ‘print and scan’.

Step 6: After that click on the ‘plus’ icon. Customers may be required to provide the administrator username and password. If prompted then type in the credentials correctly.

Step 7: From the list provided to you, choose the HP printer you want to add and click on the ‘add’ button. This will allow you to add the HP printer to your Apple laptop.

Make sure the steps are carried out exactly as it has been laid above. Missing out on any one step can lead you to redo it all over again thereby wasting precious time. For any technical help, you can contact HP printer tech support number to avail the assistance and guidance of experts who will aid you in solving the matter and issue at hand.

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