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Unable to use New Cartridge!!

Every user purchases a genuine and original ink cartridge for the printer and it can create a problem once in a while. The users of HP printer can avail various features for their official or personal work and at the same time, they might face some technical issues while using it. We have an answer to their each and every query through the HP Printer Customer Service Phone Number  +1-855-241-5405 where they will be assisted by our skilled and trained technicians of level six who will resolve their all issues within a short span of time.

Process for resolving the issue:

  • If the users are still using their old cartridge, then they can try plugging it back into their printer. Normally, the user’s printer will start immediately, and in many occasions, the users will find there is still ink left in the old cartridge! Once the old cartridge is recognized by the printer, then they have to remove it and replace it with the new one again.
  • The users are required to double check to ensure that they had removed protective seals. If the users will try to install a new cartridge into their HP Printer without removing the seal, then it will show an error as it may register the cartridge as installed but not allow ink to flow.
  • Now the users are required to check the vent. HP cartridges come with an inbuilt vent that allows ink to flow in a smooth manner. The moment this vent is blocked, it can block ink from leaving the cartridge.
  • Now the users have to check on the top back of the cartridge for an orange pull tab, that it should have been removed, the users can remove it with a pin.
  • No the users are required to run an extended cleaning cycle. If the user’s printer has been idle for a while, then it means that the ink is resting in the print head and can dry up and congest. The users are required to run an extended cleaning cycle which can remove any ink blockades and can get their ink flowing again.


As we depicted the process with a solution that how the users can clear the blockade of a new ink cartridge. The users have to ensure it that they are following all the instructions properly with step by step. If ever they face some technical error while following the steps then they have one more option to resolve the issue through our tech support system where our technicians will assist them in resolving the issue 24×7. They have to just call on HP Printer Customer Service +1-855-241-5405.

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